Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Getting ready for spring

It has been pretty busy around the farm for a while, sorry I haven't posted in a while. Last Friday we got to enjoy some warmer weather, which prompted us to get moving on getting stuff ready for spring. Its too bad that the warm weather only lasted a day, and now we have 10 days of cool weather in the forecast. Its funny to remember that there was corn planted at this time last year. Its hard to say when planters will start rolling in the area, but I'm sure it won't be till April. I would say that we are moving along on scheduled with getting the new sprayer set up, but we still have to go over the planter. I'm hoping we have the sprayer finished by next week, then we can go through the planter and we should be caught up well before we plant. Here are some pics of the sprayer project, we added the saddle tanks to the planter to add more capacity. Now we just need to plump it all up. I will have a total capacity of 800 gal, or 50 acres per fill. In the last couple weeks we have gotten some much needed rain. It comforting to know there is some moisture in the ground going in to this growing year. Thanks for reading

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