Saturday, July 24, 2010

Getting caught up

Wow, I looked an I haven't posted since I finished planting.

Well about a month after planting I discovered some Frog Eye Leaf Spot in my beans. I got really worried! Well after a few weeks the beans put on more leaves and the disease has not gotten worse. I will have to wait till R3 when the pods begin to form to decide if I want to have a fungicide put on.

So far I have had the local co-op spray 2 times. A spring burn down and then a post emerge about 2 or 3 weeks ago. The beans are getting bigger and getting closer and closer to canopy. After getting the break out of the frog eye I put the pencil to the paper and decided that I need to look at getting my own sprayer. In a typical year I may have 3 sprayings done. This year I was worried about having 4 with the extra 2 being later round up and maybe the fungicide, and the other being a fall burn down. Well 4 trips at $6.50 an acre it adds up really quick! That would be $1,267.5 on a typical year and $1690. on a 4 passes year. I could pay off a nice sprayer in just a few year. So I am looking for a older self propelled sprayer, and I hope to have one in the next 2 year.

I did get the bat wing shredder going the other day. It has been under water at least 10 times sense this fall when I got stuck down by the creek. Well i greased it and made sure that there was no water in the gear box and I tried it out. It is working fine, I got some roadsides done today and I also mowed around part of the bean filed.

Also this week I purchased a bean head! I got a John Deere 220. It will need a little work before fall, but nothing to big. I will post some pics of it below.

Well that's it for now, I plan to get the combine out next week and get it washed and waxed for fall. I will try to grab some pics the.