Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Planting is done!

This past week as been busier then heck! I got started on planting corn late Friday night. I didn't quit till 3 in the morning. When I quit I found out my planter was not working right. The day after I found out that the planter was not working right, I went a borrowed a friends tractor and planter to finish planting. I spent all day Saturday planting corn and Sunday morning. I really really really hope it comes up good. I think it will, but with it being my first corn crop I don't know what to expect. The stuff from Friday night, I will have to wait for it to come up then I can go back with a small planter and spot in the stuff that didn't get planted.

I got the soybeans in today. I borrowed the same friends tractor and planter again and got them in. I probably started planting around 9 or so and I finished around 2. Beans went really smooth. That was my fist time planting on good flat ground, and what a difference it was from my corn ground where it seems like everything is on a hill and you are always turning around on steep hills. I also put in a soybean test plot for Channel seed. I have 5 different varieties in it, and I will be really neat to see how each does on my farm.

While I was planting. Morton Buildings brought in 2 semi trucks with the shed materials on it. It was pretty neat to watch them unload with the forklift on the back of the semi.

Here are a few pics of planting soybeans and the building materials.

All in all, planting started off really rough but ended fast and smooth. I am glad I had good friends who were able to lend me their tractor and planter. I can't thank them enough!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Its May already and we don't have a single seed planted!

Well Its May already and the tractor and planter are sitting, waiting for the ground to dry up a little so we get get going!

Since my last post (which was a little longer then I intended) I have 100% finished up the planter. It look a lot longer then I expected, not because it was really hard work, but because I had trouble getting all the right parts from my parts dealer. It seemed like I would spend a week waiting on one part to only find out he ordered the wrong part and then I had to wait another week. I finally got it done and it is ready to go. Here are a few pics of the finished product.

The shed is getting closer and closer to being built. The date for the delivery of the materials will be Wednesday May, 4. Once the materials are delivered they should get started building it with in a few weeks after. We had a nice day last week "not dry enough to plant though" so we decided to put in part of the driveway. I have included photos of us installing the drive way. The first step to put down the driveway fabric. This gives the gravel a base to pack against and not to seep in to the ground making potholes and bare spots. We only put in part of the driveway so the truck can pull in to deliver the shed materials. When the shed is done we will finish the driveway, when we know exactly how much room we will need.

Well that's it for now. I will get some pics later this week of the building materials.

Thanks for reading!