Sunday, November 11, 2012

2012 is winding down

I'm happy to start this post off by saying we finished harvest! Friday November 2nd at around 9PM I picked the last 8 rows of corn. I have successfully completed my 3rd year of farming! As I look back on this year I realized how much I learned from this historical year. I have dealt with new challenges, people, business, and weather I have never had to deal with before. This will be a year to remember that's for sure. In the Shop: We purchased our first strip till bar last spring off a friend. The bar was originally used for applying liquid nitrogen. I prefer to use NH3 for our primary form of nitrogen. So we plan on taking off the liquid nitrogen equipment and redoing the bar to be a NH3 applicator. This should be a fairly simple project. Other then that we washing and putting away equipment for the year. In the Field: Although we plan on doing the majority of our corn next year in strip till, I am wanting to try some full tillage. I have had a later start to fall tillage, and it has been delayed even more by the rain today. Once it drys up enough to get back to plowing, we should be able to get caught up in about a week. After we get the NH3 bar done, I will begin to putting down the nitrogen for next years corn. Thanks for reading!