Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Planting is done!

This past week as been busier then heck! I got started on planting corn late Friday night. I didn't quit till 3 in the morning. When I quit I found out my planter was not working right. The day after I found out that the planter was not working right, I went a borrowed a friends tractor and planter to finish planting. I spent all day Saturday planting corn and Sunday morning. I really really really hope it comes up good. I think it will, but with it being my first corn crop I don't know what to expect. The stuff from Friday night, I will have to wait for it to come up then I can go back with a small planter and spot in the stuff that didn't get planted.

I got the soybeans in today. I borrowed the same friends tractor and planter again and got them in. I probably started planting around 9 or so and I finished around 2. Beans went really smooth. That was my fist time planting on good flat ground, and what a difference it was from my corn ground where it seems like everything is on a hill and you are always turning around on steep hills. I also put in a soybean test plot for Channel seed. I have 5 different varieties in it, and I will be really neat to see how each does on my farm.

While I was planting. Morton Buildings brought in 2 semi trucks with the shed materials on it. It was pretty neat to watch them unload with the forklift on the back of the semi.

Here are a few pics of planting soybeans and the building materials.

All in all, planting started off really rough but ended fast and smooth. I am glad I had good friends who were able to lend me their tractor and planter. I can't thank them enough!

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