Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 Corn Harvest is well on its way!

Sorry I haven't been keeping up on here. Corn harvest has started a couple weeks ago. Since we has later planted corn, our harvest started a little later then most around here. We are probably just under 50% done, and are now waiting for later planted corn to dry down. Yields have been right in line with what we have expected for an average. We had some fields do better then we thought. I felt that we did an excellent job matching hybrids to soil types this year. Even with the drought we could see that the corn "liked" the soil it was on. It took a few more days and parts then I expected, but I got the new to us Caterpillar 8 row corn head on the the new to us John Deere 9600. Together they are a pretty sweet set up. The Cat does leave a few things to be desired, but all in all a nice setup. I was able to run 5mph and unload on the go, which allowed us to increase our harvested acres per day by over 100% over the 7700. I'm very happy with the combine, only one little break down so far, and that was operator error. I do wish it had a larger hopper, but I may just be used to the 7700 :) I will be sure to have some harvest pics on here before too long. Thanks for reading!

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