Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Getting ready for fall!

As anticipated because of the drought, and early planting harvest is way early this ear. I took a ride with a friend as he was picking corn on 8/14. Yields were better then I expected, and moisture was 18%. I would say that I'm about 2-3 weeks away from starting. I'm just hoping it don't all get ready at one and start dropping moisture quick. It will be interesting to see how the corn does, some fields I think will surprise us.

In the Shop. I have been working on the combine. I'm about to put cylinder bars on the 9600 and do a few other things with it. The 7700 for the most part is ready to go. Been trying to get the shredder serviced and put a few parts on it. Grain truck is serviced and inspected ready to go. Once I get the combines finished I shouldn't have too much to do in the shop.

In the field. Once the shredder is put back together I will be doing some road ditches for the last time this year. I have a couple grass patches for a landlord that I will get cut, then off to mow 50 acres of CREP before harvest for dad. It will be nice to get stuff caught up so I can go straight in to harvest and not have to worry about doing other stuff.

Just looking forward to fall, hope it will be a quick stress free harvest. Looking forward to getting this drought year behind us, and ready for next year. Have a safe harvest!

Peter Jarzen

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