Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Got a corn head today!

Well after looking for about a year, I signed a check for a 643 corn head today. I didn't grow any corn last year so I really didn't need to buy one but I wanted to get one early enough in the year I can go over it really well before harvest so I can have it ready to go. Its just a older metal high tin model, but it should work well for my operations.

I did end up getting the rest of the planter parts today, and I will officially start tearing the planter down tomorrow. I have a lot of work ahead of me, I plan to get the kinze in tip top shape before April. I will post pics of my progress along the way and do some before and after pics.

We did sign for the shed last week! I have been looking forward to getting a machine shed put up since I bought my first tractor, actually I wanted one before that so I would have a place to put it. I went with a Morton 60' by 120' machine shed. With 2 doors. A 30' double sliding door on one of the 60' sides. And a 18' electric roll up door on a 120' side on the opposite end as the 30' door. It will be plenty big for the equipment that I have now, but it will give me room to grow and not worry about out growing my shed storage in a short time. The materials will be delivered in late April and the shed should be done by the end of May. I cant Waite for it to be done! I will post pics of it along the way.

I think things are about to get real busy around the farm, before you know it mowing season will start up again.

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